Glamour magazine spread for the launch of bareSkin Concealer.

Followed up the print launch with digital assets (emails, banners and landing page) and worked with visual merchandising for in-store copy.

Named this product and did all digital, print and VM assets.

The AD picked the perfect font for making this high impact.

Fragrance always gives me a chance to be a little more ethereal with my romance copy.

This was by far the most fun I’ve ever had on a project. From concepting to casting, I worked very closely with my AD on the domestic launch of hair extensions.

I name a lot of products. This was a global launch, which included naming the line and all the contents.

Partnered with Legal and R&D for the all the claims. Don’t let skincare fool you, there might not be much text, but these claims are very carefully vetted.

Packaging for a Bare Escentuals kit in Sephora. I’ve done a ton of similar items, which includes naming/trademarking the kit, naming the shades (if needed), writing the romance and product descriptions. Often times these include a tipcard or brochure inside with product details and application instructions.

I’ve written the copy for a few different celebrities, but Fergie was my absolute favorite!