Create monthly brand messages that go out globally in all stores windows, printed assets and digital components.

Another example of setting the tone globally for a fall brand message.

I specialize in naming across beauty and fashion. For this fragrance collection I pitched a ton of names, working directly with marketing and legal to finally land the Icon Fragrance Collection.

My work goes across all digital and print assets, which includes landing pages like this one.

I was tasked with finding an elevated way to speak to Black Friday. This abbreviated way takes a term that everyone identifies with and gives it a spin that is easily recognizable, yet totally new to the marketplace.

Engaging emails are opened, read and responded to.

Paid social with Kevin Love.

More paid social.

Facebook carousel for the Sloan pant.

Captions set the mood for Instagram video ads.

Every asset is important to the branding of a company. This hangtag is for our Style Ambassador Olivia Polermo, written with an editorial tone to capture the sophistication of her collection.

If you add a little personality to a sign, you can spotlight benefits in a way that is engaging and memorable. This was so well received that they took the headline and changed the name of the shirt to the “Don’t-Sweat-It-Polo”.

Created the copy tone for the launch of the Avon Kids Collection

I love it when someone tells me to, “have fun with it”. Here’s an example of what happens when that’s my direction.

Another example of fun romance copy.